Thursday, August 14, 2008

9:30 Club (August 14, 2008)

The Hold Steady
9:30 Club,Washington,DC

DPA(B&K) 4011s(clamped to balcony DFC)->Luminous Monarchs->V2->
Luminous Synchestra Signature XLRs->SD 722 @ 24/96.SD722 ->
CD Wave (tracking) -> Wavelab 5(edit,resample,dither)->
FLAC -> V0 MP3
Recorded and transfered with a little luck by Mark Lynn(

01. Intro
02. Constructive Summer
03. You Gotta Dance (With Who You Came With)
04. You Can Make Him Like You
05. Sequestered In Memphis
06. Chips Ahoy!
07. Curves and Nerves
08. Massive Nights
09. Party Pit
10. The Swish
11. One For The Cutters
12. Magazines
13. Girls Like Status
14. Chillout Tent
15. Ask Her For Some Adderall
16. Lord, I'm Discouraged
17. Yeah Sapphire
18. Your Little Hoodrat Friend
19. Slapped Actress
20. Stay Positive
21. Stuck Between Stations
22. Southtown Girls
23. Killer Parties
-2nd encore-
24. How A Resurrection Really Feels

Source with FLAC

MP3 a
MP3 b


Anonymous said...

Song titles don't match mp3 files.

Anonymous said...

Dang. Not 9:30 Club show, Cat's Cradle show is where the song titles don't match with Mp3 files.

TheWho said...

FYI that problem has been fixed. Thanks to those who brought that to my attention :)