Wednesday, January 1, 1997

Lifter Puller @ The Bug Jar Rochester, NY

Lifter Puller - Universal Buzz Radio [preFM]
Recorded live at The Bug Jar Rochester NY sometime in 1997

distributed by soniclovenoize
UBR promo CD --> WAV --> CD --> WAV --> FLAC

1. [UBR intro]
2. Bloomington
3. Double Straps
4. Mission Viejo
5. To Live and Die in LBI
6. [interview]
7. Viceburgh
8. Mick's Tape
9. Hardwear
10. Sublet
11. Nassau Coliseum
12. [UBR outro]

NOTE: This recording was sourced from the actual promo radio disc
distributed by Universal Buzz Radio to their affiliated stations.
Unsure of the exact date, although it's probably early 1997 since
the band was supporting their first album and playing then new
"Half-Dead" material. Includes a performance of rare song "Mick's

Although The Hold Steady is a great band, Lifter Puller is simply
amazing. May their legend live on. Enjoy, and support the band by
legally obtaining their studio output.


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