Saturday, August 9, 2008

40 Watt (August 9, 2008)

The Hold Steady
40 Watt,Athens,GA

FOB DFC AKG 483s->HHB PDR 1OOO->CD->EAC->FLAC ->V0 MP3. Recorded by Chris Pennington, compiled and edited slightly by Mark Lynn( Thanks to Jayne for the source discs and to Chris again for getting it done.

01. Constructive Summer
02. The Swish
03. Hot Soft Light
04. Chips Ahoy!
05. Sequestered In Memphis
06. 212 Margarita
07. Your Little Hoodrat Friend
08. Hot Fries
09. One For The Cutters
10. You Can Make Him Like You
11. Joke About Jamaica
12. Barfruit Blues
13. Magazines
14. Southtown Girls
15. Lord, I'm Discouraged
16. Ask Her For Adderall
17. Yeah Sapphire
18. Stay Positive
19. Slapped Actress
20. Citrus
21. First Night
22. Stuck Between Stations
23. Most People Are DJs
24. Ballad of the Midnight Hauler
25. Killer Parties





Jeremy said...

Hey, thanks for posting this.

That may have been the best show I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot in my 38 years...

Anonymous said...

Hey, could you PLEASE repost the second part of this?? Thank you!

Andrew said...

Updated with full show mp3s.