Monday, December 1, 1997

Lifter Puller @ KVSC

Lifter Puller - Monday Night Live [preFM]
Recorded December 1997
KVSC Studios, St. Cloud, MN

distributed by soniclovenoize
pre-FM DAT Master --> WAV --> CD --> WAV --> FLAC

1. [KVSC intro]
2. The Bears
3. I Like The Lights
4. Sherman City
5. Sangre de Stephanie
6. Sublet
7. Star Wars Hips
8. To Live & Die in LBI
9. [commercial break]
10. [interview]
11. The Gin and Sour Defeat
12. Viceburgh
13. Hald-Dead and Dynamite
14. 11th Avenue Freezeout
15. Rock for Lite Brite

NOTE: This is sourced from the in-house DAT master tape in the KVSC
library made while the band was performing; listen closely and you
can actually hear the band's in-studio chatter during the commercial
break, which was never broadcast. Pretty good performance to support
their second album; including rare song "11th Avenue Freezeout."

Although The Hold Steady is a great band, Lifter Puller is simply
amazing. May their legend live on. Enjoy, and support the band by
legally obtaining their studio output.


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FLAC 10-15

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