Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Craig Finn at Bottom of the Hill (21 February 2012)

Craig Finn
Bottom of the Hill
San Francisco, CA
21 February 2012

Sound Professionals SP-CMC-2's-->Zoom H2-->Audacity (amplify, track splits, FLAC converson)-->you

Set list:
Apollo Bay
Once You Roll Over
No Future
When No One's Watching
Some Guns
Western Pier
New Friend Jesus
Sarah, I'm Surrounded
Jeremiah's Blues
Those Dudes From St. Paul
Going To A Show
Honolulu Blues
Rented Room
Terrified Eyes
Not Much Left of Us
Save Me Jesus

Craig Finn--guitar, vocals
Ricky Ray Jackson--lead guitar, pedal steel
James Stevens--guitar
Alex Livingstone--bass
Falcon Valdez--drums

Notes and a caveat:
First night of the Noise Pop festival. mp3 samples are below.
The crowd was fairly chatty, which is noticeable on some of the quieter songs. Before "Not Much Left of Us", I moved slightly to get
away from some noisy people in the crowd, and wound up standing under a fan or vent of some kind. As a result, the last two songs sound
like they were recorded in a hurricane. Oh well, live and learn. Sorry about that.
Finn played six as-yet unreleased songs plus a cover ("Save Me Jesus").

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No Mp3's will be posted as per taper's request. You can download the FLAC files and convert them for your own use.