Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ottawa Blues Festival (July 17, 2010)

The Hold Steady
Ottawa Blues Festival
Ottawa, ON

Source: AT822 > DR-07 (WAV) > SD card
Lineage: SD card > CDWav > normalize -b (+2.86dB) > Trader's Little Helper (FLAC Level 8) >V0 MP3

d1t01 The Sweet Part Of The City
d1t02 Rock Problems
d1t03 Constructive Summer >
d1t04 Multitude Of Casualties
d1t05 Hurricane J
d1t06 Sequestered In Memphis
d1t07 Barfruit Blues >
d1t08 Magazines
d1t09 Barely Breathing
d1t10 We Can Get Together
d1t11 You Can Make Him Like You
d1t12 Southtown Girls
d1t13 The Weekenders
d1t14 Chips Ahoy!
d1t15 Stuck Between Stations
d1t16 Your Little Hoodrat Friend >
d1t17 Massive Nights
d1t18 How A Resurrection Really Feels

1. The track titles were taken from

Taped by ChrisP. Tracked and uploaded by BradM (



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