Friday, April 3, 2009

Illini Courtyard Cafe (April 3, 2009)

The Hold Steady
Illini Courtyard Cafe, Urbana IL

Source: Nakamichi Cm300(p48)/cp1 (NOS)> Edirol R4 (24/44.1)
Location: 25' from stage, 3' RoC
Transfer: R4> usb> Fission 1.61> xACT (flac level 6)
Taped and Transferred by Patrick Moore (

01 Intro
02 Constructive Summer
03 Hot Soft Light
04 Chips Ahoy!
05 Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night
06 Sequestered in Memphis
07 Magazines
08 One For the Cutters
09 Cheyenne Sunrise
10 Your Little Hoodrat Friend
11 Joke About Jamaica
12 Massive Nights
13 Party Pit
14 Stuck Between Stations
15 Hornets! Hornets!
16 Most People Are DJ's
17 You Can Make Him Like You
18 Slapped Actress
19 -Encore Call-
20 Stevie Nix
21 Stay Positive
22 How A Resurrection Really Feels


Mp3s 1-12
Mp3s 13-22


Anonymous said...

did anybody record the next night in bloomington?-i was there & it was a killer show/party!

audiojoe said...

thanks to the kindness of the taper and poster bloomington is up on bt.etree
i'm sure it will make its way to this great site :-)

thanks for all the great shares!