Friday, July 6, 2007

Manchester Academy (July 5, 2007)

Live at Manchester Academy
Manchester, UK

1. Stuck Between Stations
2. The Swish
3. Banging Camp
4. Chips Ahoy!
5. Hot Soft Light
6. Barfruit Blues/Massive Nights/Party Pit
7. Multitude of Casualties
8. Stevie Nix
9. You Can Make Him Like You
10. Your Little Hoodrat Friend pt 1
11. Your Little Hoodrat Friend pt 2
12. Southtown Girls
13. How A Resurrection Really Feels
14. Citrus
15. First Night pt 1
16. First Night pt 2
17. Girls Like Status/Killer Parties

Mp3 part 1
Mp3 part 2


MickeyMo said...

Many thanks for this - it was my first Hold Steady show. I was amazed to hear my voice just before 'Barfruit Blues' saying "They've played all my favourites ..." !!

I must have been stood right next to the taper. Hope it doesn't spoil anyone's enjoyment.

Anthony said...

It was my first THS show too - great recording of a great show!