Sunday, June 5, 2005

Grand Old Day Festival (June, 5, 2005)

Live at the Grand Old Day Festival
St. Paul, Minnesota
102 MB

1. Positive Jam
2. The Swish
3. Hornets! Hornets!
4. Barfruit Blues
5. Your Little Hoodrat Friend
6. Cattle and the Creeping Things
7. Charlemagne in Sweatpants
8. Stevie Nix
9. Multitude of Casualties
10. Knuckles
11. Don't Let Me Explode
12. Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night
13. 212-Margarita
14. Hostile, Mass.
15. Most people are DJs
16. Killer Parties

Mp3 part 1
Mp3 part 2

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Live on The Lounge Acts; (June 1, 2005)

Possessing one of the most distinct voices in any genre of music, here's a chance to hear Craig Finn lead The Hold Steady through a stripped down set in the Lounge. Craig also talks about the break-up of his old band Lifter Puller, and his subsequent relocation from Minnesota to New York City.
1. Interview 1
2. Your Little Hoodrat Friend
3. Don't Let Me Explode
4. Interview 2
5. Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night
6. Certain Songs